A rising tide floats all boats...

Combining incisive intellect with heartfelt character, Matthew is a rare commodity who can both lead and manage. He has orchestrated dramatic turnarounds in performance and been one of the most highly rated managers in the UK.
— Bruce Lynn: Director, Microsoft UK
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In 2010, Matthew Dunstan turned away from a successful career at Microsoft to pursue his dream of sailing the world with his family. Returning to Australia, he’s now an entrepreneur and trusted professional advisor helping aspiring business leaders navigate a course to growth.

Matthew has lectured in marketing, IT and process improvement for the Australian Graduate School of Management; is a specialist in strategy, innovation and leadership and is a mentor to entrepreneurs and professionals around the world.

An explorer and adventurer, father and husband, teacher and perpetual student; Matthew doesn't believe in following convention. Instead he pursues life with passion, balance and a keen belief in creating value in the world through others.

I believe...

  • In education:  Learning, teaching, growing, broadening our perspectives.  These things allow us to set our sights higher.
  • In growth:  without it, we stagnate - never move from where we are (and that's a waste of a life).
  • In creating value first:  Sure there needs to be a focus on profits and income, but I believe that they are a natural result of the value we create.  They shouldn't be what we lead with.
  • Relationships, connections and community.  I'm not sure why we're on this earth but I'm pretty sure it's not about profit.
  • Everyone is capable of achieving their measure of success - and that this is more than they realise.